Welcome to AGRI-HR.

We are a UK based company, specialising in recruitment 
for the agricultural sector in the United Kingdom and Europe.

We screen, interview and prepare candidates for their seasonal agricultural job.


SWS operator

We have been appointed the new Seasonal Worker Scheme operator (Horticulture) from January 2023. (SWS).



Proud to be a Council Member of the Association of Labour Providers (ALP).


Licensed by The GLAA

We conduct our recruitment practices in accordance with the GLAA requirements.



AGRI-HR team has been recruiting for the agricultural sector since 2004.

great people create the difference

british, EU and non-EU workers

Our recruitment teams are based in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia and Bulgaria. we recruit candidates for the Seasonal Worker Scheme (SWS). These candidates are placed on UK farms which have passed strict audits year-on-year.
We also select candidates from the UK and Bulgaria for EU and the UK employers.

We work with other seasonal agricultural worker schemes for non-EU workers for European farms.

We focus on seasonal agricultural workers. We also recruit skilled staff such as tractor drivers, mechanics, spray operators, crop husbandry and agronomy staff.

Where we operate

Great Britain

The need for agricultural workers is massively outstripping current supply.

Businesses in fresh food production are essential to #FeedTheNation. We encourage anyone in the UK to apply for the seasonal agricultural work to help #FeedTheNation.

We also recruit experienced tractor drivers, spray operators and crop husbandry staff from the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom


Kazakhstan is bordering with Russia. It is a former Soviet Union Republic. Russian is the second language.

About 16% of the state's workforce is employed in the agriculture. Over 31,000 agricultural enterprises and 32,000 small farms operate in the country.

47% of population live in villages and the SWS programme is seen as a fantastic opportunity, especially amongst young Kazakhstanis.



Bulgarian nationals have a strong association with seasonal agricultural work in the UK as they were one of the two countries in the SAWS scheme during 2007 to 2014.

Many farms have employed Bulgarian nationals for many years and are looking to supplement their loyal returnees with new workers from Bulgaria with EU Settled and Pre-Settled Status.



Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous agrarian country. The agriculture in Kyrgyzstan is one of the leading sectors of the economy. Russian language is widely used in the country. 

The share of agricultural sector in the whole of countries economy is 24%. 

About 65% of the country's population lives in rural areas. Many young people are looking for a temporary job abroad due to the high unemployment levels at home. 



Indonesia is an archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and the largest island country in the world and is the largest country in Southeast Asia.

With a population of over 270 million people and a prominent agricultural industry there is a strong demand and interest in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Scheme.

AGRI-HR has an exclusive agreement with one of Indonesian largest recruitment agencies PT. Mardel Anugerah International


health questionnaire
each candidate will complete a detailed questionnaire 

dexterity test
the test estimates productivity  potential

competition in pairs
motivation and competitive spirit

How we identify good people for work

We see each candidate face to face

On recruitment stage we spend 60 minutes on average in phone, group and personal communication with each applicant. 

Our recruiters are trained to use psychological profiling techniques to interview candidates in consideration of work ethics, stress reaction and immigration laws.

We keep people's expectations aligned

We provide realistic picture of working abroad as a seasonal worker. 

We explain employers' expectations, demonstrate photos of the actual work and accommodation.   

We reject people with conflict tendencies

Arriving to a different country, working, living and communicating with an employer can be stressful for a migrant worker. 

This is why we observe people in groups and simulate mild provocative situations to reveal reaction to mild stress. We only accept candidates with low reaction level to mild stress situations. 

We love candidates who play team sports

We found that people who play sport adapt to agricultural work faster and easier. They have higher motivation and well developed communication skills.    

customers' process


We made our process simple, fast and effective.

step 1. get in touch

Get in touch to discuss how AGRI-HR can help your business to gain great people to harvest your crop and pack your produce efficiently.


A signed agreement in place between AGRI-HR and the Employer is a condition of the GLAA. AGRI-HR cannot supply workers without a signed agreement.

step 3. desktop audit

Every farm will have a desktop audit. We go through great detail to establish working and living conditions for the seasonal workers.


We really like to meet our customers in person. Farms will also have an audit conducted by a 3rd party. This is a Seasonal Worker Scheme requirement.

We work very hard for our farming and fresh produce customers and applicants alike to ensure crops can be grown, harvested and packed efficiently and for the applicants to enjoy a rewarding period of employment in agriculture.

Good Reasons to Work with Us

Carefully sourced labour

We designed and tested every detail of our recruitment process to ensure a satisfactory outcome for both, farmers and workers.  

Workers for farms of all sizes

We recognise the importance of your operational decisions, investment in your crop and hard work no matter if you need 1 person or 1,000 people.

We understand your needs

We have 34 years of combined operational and recruitment experience in soft fruit and other agricultural sectors. 


Our recruitment business has broken through cultural and technological barriers to enable true remote working, all over the world. This makes AGRI-HR one of the most competitive operators in the scheme.  

AGRI-HR Key Contacts

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Jan-Willem Naerebout


From 2001 - Operations Director for large agri-businesses

2007 - Initiated an industry leading ethical recruitment process from Eastern European countries

2018 - Founded AGRI-HR


Laura Rackauske


2007 – Recruitment & Accommodation Manager for one if Britain’s largest fruit farms

2022 – Joined AGRI-HR


Yauheniya Lisouskaya


2023 - Yauheniya is the key link between our customers and our candidates. Fluent English and Russian speaker

2023 – Joined AGRI-HR

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Stefan Borisov


2007 - SAWS participant on a large UK farm

2007 - Recruited in line with an industry leading ethical recruitment process from Bulgaria

2018 - Joined АGRI-HR

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Aigul Eshenkulova


1997-2021 worked in civil service of Kyrgyzstan, including:

  • 2007-2021  Government Office of the Kyrgyzstan

2022 - joined AGRI-HR team.


Askhat Kebekbayev


2014-2022 Worked in Corporate Security, law and education.
2022-2023 Participated in the SWS and supervised the harvest teams on one of UK’s largest soft-fruit farms
2023 - joined AGRI-HR team.
2024 – Appointed to Branch Director – AGRI-HR Kazakhstan.